About PMC Energy Services

About PMC Energy Services

PMC Energy Services Inc. offers the most up to date HVAC ductwork diagnostics and sealing treatment available to the marketplace today. Our primary tool is the Aeroseal process — a patented state-of-the-art technology that effectively seals duct leaks from the inside then verifies the result. In addition to new construction, this enables our factory-certified technicians to access and seal ductwork in existing homes and commercial buildings that is generally inaccessible by conventional methods.

In addition to Aeroseal, we employ specialized devices (e.g. flexible borescope, digital anemometer) to diagnose your duct system and measure performance before and after our treatment, manually repair air flow issues around your furnace and air-conditioning unit, and manually seal the perimeter of all of your register boots.

In most cases, we’re able to meet or exceed the strict duct leakage guidelines established by the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Program

Duct sealing is all we do – we’re specialists, so you’re assured of receiving the most professional, effective, and lasting treatment available.

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