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Job completed for Two Story 1,200 sf house

Completion date: December 9, 2013

Location: Rochester, NY

Why did the customer contact us?

This quaint little house was built in the 1920s, according to the owners who were motivated to duct sealing for the potential energy savings. In order to achieve relatively uniform temperature throughout the house, they had dampered a number of the ducts to force more conditioned air to the second floor. (We had them undamper those ducts before we conducted our inspection.)

While the furnace (in the unfinished basement) was new and highly efficient, the duct work appeared to be original and, upon visual inspection in the basement, had numerous obvious leaks.

Solutions provided:

A survey of register temperatures and flows also suggested significant leakage. One of the three return registers had no measurable air flow… attributable (upon further inspection from the basement) to a rather large gap between the duct and the floor opening. Of the supply register temperatures measured, one (in one of the three upstairs bedrooms) was significantly lower than the rest. However, the entrances to all four rooms on the second floor were within a few feet of each other and the supply registers for each room were only a few feet inside each room; given the close register proximities, we felt that the register temperature discrepancy in the one bedroom would be compensated for by the others provided the doors were usually left open. Since the owners were a married couple with no kids (but plenty of pets) and after discussion with them, we deemed this a reasonable expectation.

While we concluded there was significant leakage that could be improved by duct sealing, we recommended that Aerosealing might not be cost effective given the small size of the house and layout of the registers (especially on the second floor). Instead, we recommended that the obvious leaks in the ductwork in the basement be manually repaired – something the homeowners felt they could accomplish themselves.

The homeowners expressed their appreciation for our recommendations and that we did not try to sell them a service that might not achieve their primary objective. The result: no job, but very satisfied customers.

Photos & Videos:

Suppey register temperature

Suppey register temperature

Caulk accessible leaks

Caulk accessible leaks

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