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Job completed for Owner Meticulously Sealed His Own Ducts

Completion date: April 5, 2014

Why did the customer contact us?

Since purchasing this 30-year old two-story colonial with a full basement two years earlier, the homeowner had been methodically making improvements (including installing a high-efficiency furnace, replacing basement windows, and adding attic insulation) to enhance home energy efficiency. In the process, he had discovered Aeroseal which led him to contact us to arrange to have his supply duct subsystem sealed.

Solutions provided:

Prior to our arrival, he had meticulously metal-taped most of the seams of the ductwork in the basement in an attempt to reduce the room-to-room temperature differences in the house. Despite this, the two second-floor bedrooms on the side of the house furthest from the furnace – his daughters’ rooms – were generally 5 degrees below the house thermostat setting of 68F – a classic symptom of leaky ducts.

Not surprisingly, our initial pressure test indicated one of the lowest levels of leakage prior to Aerosealing that we’ve yet encounter – ~200cfm. Despite that, it still amounted to 17% of the furnace blower capacity. Given that it was below our threshold of 20% leakage, we gave the client the option to abort the process and owe us nothing; he chose to continue… “You’re all set up; let’s do this!”

It took only 30 minutes of spray time to seal the supply subsystem and further reduce leakage to 1% of the 1200cfm furnace blower capacity.

In retrospect, we wish the homeowner had reached out to us sooner. We may have been able to provide him a better, longer-lasting solution if he had not metal-taped the duct work in advance of our sealing. An Aeroseal sealing will far outlast metal tape for effectiveness – Aeroseal is guaranteed for 10 years and has been shown to maintain its effectiveness to 20 years. By taping most of the seams, the Aeroseal polymer will not deposit and seal those seams as there will be no air flow through them during the spray process. Consequently, when the metal tape begins to fail due to constant expansion and contraction of the duct work from regular heating and cooling, leakage at those seams will increase over time. DON’T TAPE BEFORE AEROSEALING!

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