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Job completed for 1200-square-foot Fairport Townhouse with Hot & Stuffy 2nd floor

Completion date: July 1, 2014

Location: Fairport, NY

Why did the customer contact us?

The homeowner of a 40-year-old two-story townhouse in Fairport saw our yard sign at a recent job in Pittsford that was across the street from his friend and fellow woodworking hobbyist. After speaking to our very satisfied Pittsford client, he contacted us to see if duct sealing with Aeroseal® might be the solution to the poor distribution of conditioned air in his house.

Solutions provided:

His townhouse, originally heated by electric baseboard, had been retrofitted with a forced-air furnace and air-conditioning system years ago. The upstairs – two bedrooms and a bathroom – never seemed to get its fair share of air flow. It was immediately evident to us during our assessment that he had more than one opportunity:

The canvas boot between the furnace / AC coil and the plenum was leaking significantly.
When the basement was finished to create a third bedroom, a supply register was installed which was getting more than its fair share of air conditioning – with the thermostat controlling to the first floor temperature, the basement was clearly too cool during the summer / cooling season.
No return registers were installed on the second floor when the furnace was added. In combination with the typically closed bedroom doors (to keep the house pets out) and no gap between the carpet and the bottom of the doors, supply air to those rooms would gradually build up back pressure and further slow the fresh air flow. (We were able to verify this with our flow meter.)
The seams of those ducts that were accessible in the basement had been manually sealed with duct tape. We instructed the homeowner to remove the tape before we came back to Aeroseal® his ducts. In a few years, after the duct tape began to lose its adhesiveness, those seams would become leaky once again if the tape were not removed to allow the aerosol to reach and seal those areas.

After replacing the leaky canvas boot, sealing major leaks manually, and then Aerosealing the entire duct system to ~1% leakage, the air flow velocities at the supply registers on the 1st and 2nd floors increased by an average of 75%. By permanently plugging the basement supply register, the velocities at the 2nd floor registers were increased even further… to a total (average) of >130%.

Our client could immediately feel the difference when he entered those second-floor bedrooms. We suggested that those bedroom doors be undercut (or louvered) to alleviate the pressure build-up and further improve circulation if the doors could not be routinely left open.

In less than six hours, we were able to significantly improve the air flow and the comfort level throughout his home. Undoubtedly, he’ll be enjoying lower heating and cooling bills for years to come as well.

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