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Recent studies have shown that duct sealing is often the most important measure you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency and one of the most cost-effective.

Authorities recognize duct sealing as one of the most effective ways to address comfort, health and safety issues in the home as well as reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint. This is exactly why we, at PMC Energy Services, offer a range of professional duct sealing services to create an overall comfortable and healthy home.

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At PMC Energy Services, we offer a variety of energy savings solutions for residential and commercial property owners in Ontario and surrounding areas. The services we offer include:

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Do you have some rooms in your home that are cold in the winter (or hot in the summer)? Leaky ducts are commonly the cause. By sealing them with Aeroseal®, air flows to your rooms will increase, resulting in more consistent temperatures throughout your home. Contact us today at 585-376-5058 to schedule a free no-obligation assessment to determine if duct sealing is right for you.

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2 Storied Home Owner
November 30, 2013
Before we pressurized either duct system, we noted that many of the overhead ducts in the basement had not been fastened with screws (as they should have been during installation) and remedied that. When we pre-tested (system pressurized, no sealant injected) the supply system, we immediately felt air leakage blowing on us from the overhead ducts and noticed several fluttering cobwebs; there were several sizable holes at junctions and taps which we caulked to bring the leakage down to 250cfm – still >20% of capacity. Aerosealing took ~20 minutes of spray time, reduced the final leakage in the supply system to 24cfm – a whopping 90% reduction (even after we had manually sealed several large holes), and stopped the fluttering cobwebs. The return system was largely unducted, utilizing the cavities within the walls of the house to draw air from the rooms back to the furnace. This design is inherently fraught with leaks between the drywall and the supporting wooden framing, and from holes in the framing where electrical wires are run… and can be difficult to seal. Initial leakage in the return system was 255 cfm. During the pre-test, we noticed substantial air flow – leakage – around the boots of several of the supply registers – confirmation of just how leaky the return system was. After caulking and foaming around the supply boots, we initiated Aerosealing and, after ~65 minutes, were able to reduce return side leakage to <100 cfm – a 61% reduction. A before-and-after comparison of the supply register temperatures (while the furnace was running) is shown in the plot below. While there was little change in the temperatures of the first floor registers, the second floor register temperatures were increased by an average of 7F, including increases of 15F and 21F in the two registers in the den – the perennially cold room noted by the client. The net effect was to substantially equalize the register temperatures throughout the home.
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