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Recent studies have shown that duct sealing is often the most important measure you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency and one of the most cost-effective.

Authorities recognize duct sealing as one of the most effective ways to address comfort, health and safety issues in the home as well as reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint. This is exactly why we, at PMC Energy Services, offer a range of professional duct sealing services to create an overall comfortable and healthy home.

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At PMC Energy Services, we offer a variety of energy savings solutions for residential and commercial property owners in Pittsford and surrounding areas. The services we offer include:

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Do you have some rooms in your home that are cold in the winter (or hot in the summer)? Leaky ducts are commonly the cause. By sealing them with Aeroseal®, air flows to your rooms will increase, resulting in more consistent temperatures throughout your home. Contact us today at 585-376-5058 to schedule a free no-obligation assessment to determine if duct sealing is right for you.

Completed Jobs from Pittsford
Duct sealing results Stuffy Upstairs in Pittsford Home
September 25, 2014
After making some minor repairs – a few poorly hung ducts, we first sealed her supply side duct work, reducing leakage by 92% to ~1.5% of furnace blower capacity. Note the chart below which depicts air temperatures exiting some of her supply registers. Originally, the difference between the living room register and her (2nd floor) bedroom registers average 17 oF; after sealing, the difference was less than 8 oF. The return system – mostly panned floor joists or wall cavities – was incredibly leaky, so much so that we could barely build any pressure within the system despite plugging all registers and isolating the furnace. (This was not too surprising, as there was no measureable flow from any of her 2nd floor return registers during our earlier inspection.) Due to some sealing machine technical difficulties (coupled with the excessive initial leakage), we had to return the following day to finish the job. Initially, we were able to cut the leakage by more than 50%. At that point, there was enough back pressure that we were able to identify a major leak in the basement – some panned-joist channels were improperly constructed and were leaking through a large hole directly into the basement, i.e. during normal operation, almost all of the return air was being drawn from the unconditioned basement. After repairing that, we resumed Aerosealing and reduced the leakage by more than half again. In total, the return duct leakage was reduced by ~90%, quite remarkable given the nature of its construction. Now some of her 2nd floor return registers are drawing air from her upstairs as intended. Unfortunately, but not uncommonly (as wall cavity channels are sometimes blocked – unintentionally – during construction or renovation) a couple of bedroom return registers still drew very little. When we checked in a few weeks later, our client reported that the temperatures on her 1st and 2nd floor are now the same! (We’ll check back again after her first heating season to determine the effect on her energy bills.)
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