Commercial Energy Saving Services

Commercial Energy Saving Services in The Finger Lakes, NY Area

In a recent study, we learned that more than 75% of commercial/industrial buildings had an HVAC system leakage from 10 to 26%. For smaller commercial buildings, duct leakage is typically even higher – at 20 to 35% of system air flow.

That amount of leakage is wasting significant amounts of energy and causing your systems to run longer, resulting in increased maintenance and premature component failure. A 2005 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy cited that duct leakage is the #1 energy savings opportunity in most commercial/industrial buildings.

In addition, it’s likely compromising the work environment of your employees, tenants, and/or customers (and may even be in violation of ventilation and safety codes) by reducing the HVAC system’s ability to:

  • Deliver and control intended air flow and pressure
  • Manage the spread of contaminants.

If this sounds like your building, here’s the good news: There is no need to continue to tolerate it. PMC Energy Services, using Aeroseal® duct sealing technology, can efficiently and effectively seal your leaky duct system… and, in many cases, your investment will be returned to you in the form of reduced operating costs in less than 3 years.

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