Residential Duct Insulation

Residential Duct Insulation in the Finger Lakes, NY Area

If you’re looking for upgrades that can improve the condition of your duct system, getting duct insulation installed is highly recommended. Duct insulation is an easy process, in which a rigid fiberglass material covers the entire structure.

Though the installation process is simple to complete, its advantages can greatly enhance your lifestyle. Once the insulation has been installed, you’ll immediately receive the following benefits:

Lower Energy Cost

Since the air moving through the duct system can lose or gain heat, your HVAC will have to work double-time to keep the indoor climate pleasant. This setup uses a lot of energy, so one way to slow down the temperature change is by having insulation installed.

When the HVAC and air ducts can function properly together, you’ll consume less electricity and increase your annual savings.

Increase Home Comfort

As we mentioned before, an uninsulated duct system is prone to losing or gaining heat. Because of this, it can make your home environment uncomfortable for everyone. Insulation will ensure that your indoor airflow is always at the right temperature, so you can enjoy hanging out in your living areas. 

Prevents the Onset of Mold

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Continuous changes in temperature often lead to duct damage and air leaks. It also increases the level of condensation on your property. Too much moisture encourages mold and other irritants to grow. By insulating the duct system, it will eliminate these problems and fortify the duct’s surfaces and keep the airflow at the right temperature.

Once you’re convinced that insulating your duct system will greatly improve the efficiency of your home, contact PMC Energy Services. We have the experience and the necessary equipment to insulate your property correctly.

Our technicians are also trained to perform a complete duct insulation procedure. This also means we’ll seal air leaks with Aeroseal® first before actually insulating the duct system. Doing so helps maximize the performance and efficiency of the insulating material.

Just give us a call at 585-376-5058 for more information and a free estimate for our residential duct services. Our friendly staff will also tell you more about our commercial duct services if you’re looking for ways to improve your business property in the Finger Lakes, NY area.

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