Residential Duct Sealing

Residential Duct Sealing in The Finger Lakes, NY Area

If you’re having trouble keeping your energy costs low – even when you’re using your appliances sparingly – it could mean that your ductwork has air leaks. When the system is riddled with holes, it has a difficult time containing pleasant air. Instead of blowing it into your home, it allows the air to escape. This also means that polluted, outside air is able to enter and contaminate your indoor air quality.

Untreated air leaks not only make it more difficult to achieve the perfect home climate, but they can also put you at a higher risk of getting sick. That’s why it’s crucial that you contact PMC Energy Services so we can seal the leaks properly.

Let PMC Energy Services Take Care of Air Leaks

At PMC Energy Services, our company has been in the ductwork business for a long time now, making us more than qualified to take care of any air leaks. We’ve serviced many air ducts over the years, which has allowed us to work with duct systems of various shapes, lengths, and sizes. Our technicians are all fully licensed, certified, and dedicated to providing you with quality services and customer care.

Plus, we only use the best equipment to take care of any damage. As such, we’ve included Aeroseal® technology in our duct sealing arsenal.

Why We Choose Aeroseal®

There are a number of duct sealing products out there, but they can’t beat the efficiency and convenience of Aeroseal®. Unlike most materials, Aeroseal® seals leaks from the inside. It uses polymer particles that stick to the edges of the leak once the escaped air is placed under pressure. In time, the particles will stick to one another and eventually close the hole.

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Thanks to this process, the air leaks will be dealt with very quickly. It’s also less invasive to your property.

If you’re interested in solving your ductwork’s air leak problem with Aeroseal®, contact us at 585-376-5058. Our friendly staff will gladly tell you more about this process, as well as our other residential duct services in The Finger Lakes, NY area.

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