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Residential Duct Services in The Finger Lakes, NY Area

Your ductwork is responsible for delivering warm and cool air throughout your home, so it’s crucial that it stays in good condition. However, it isn’t indestructible so it will inevitably experience problems – even if you’ve been using it properly. Finding the source of the damage will help determine why it has broken down, but that isn’t always easy.

Fortunately, you can contact PMC Energy Services for assistance. We can figure out what’s causing your duct system to lose its efficiency and address it immediately.

Let PMC Energy Services Take Care of Everything

PMC Energy Services has been in the ductwork business for a long time now and we continue to provide top-notch duct services to homeowners in the community. We’ve handled numerous duct systems through the years, so we can service all kinds of ductwork problems, no matter what capacity.

Our fully licensed and certified technicians are trained to do each task efficiently, so you can enjoy the benefits of your enhanced property much sooner. We also have the experience, skill, and are armed with the necessary equipment to carry out the following residential duct services properly:

  • Duct repair
  • Duct replacement
  • Duct maintenance

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We also offer other ductwork solutions to help improve your home’s indoor air quality and ventilation. These include:

Duct Sealing and Insulation

Duct Sealing and Insulation

Duct leakage can cause ice dams and icicles on the eaves of your home.

Air leaks are quite common in old and worn out ductwork. These leaks make it difficult for the duct system to contain pleasant air, which leads to major energy loss. Getting professional air duct sealing will help stop this from happening. Duct insulation can also be installed to prevent your ducts from developing air leaks.  

Duct Design

If you’re constructing a new house or not satisfied with how your current duct system is laid out, we can provide a new duct design for you. Our duct specialists will inspect your property and determine which material suits its structure. We’ll create a rough sketch of your new system and get the correct size. Afterwards, we’ll fabricate the ducts and install them for you.

Duct Remodeling

When you’re planning to remodel your home, it’s important to integrate your current ductwork to the newly constructed area. As such, our PMC Energy Services technicians will gladly take care of the duct remodeling process so the air ducts can send pleasant air into your home.

For reliable and responsive residential duct services, contact us at 585-376-5058. We will be more than happy to tell you more about our ductwork solutions in The Finger Lakes, NY area, as well as give you a free estimate.


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