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“Can my current sealing methods cost-effectively meet the increasingly tighter duct leakage requirements for new home construction?” That’s a question that many Rochester-area home builders are asking as energy codes for duct leakage continue to tighten, seemingly year after year.

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Many are finding that traditional, manual methods of sealing – metal tape and/or mastic – can no longer reliably meet these codes. Even when they do, it often requires extraordinary efforts which translate to higher costs. Builders have told us that it’s costing them $1000 or more to manually seal… and, even then, they can’t be certain that they’ll meet code.

Using state-of-the-art Aeroseal® technology on properly constructed duct work, we guarantee that we’ll meet the rough-in specification of 4cfm per 100 square feet of conditioned floor area. You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion that will often be accepted by the code enforcer. Aesthetically, it will look much more professional. And we’ll do it at a price that’s usually less than what you’re paying for manual sealing.

Why not reduce your costs and eliminate the uncertainty?

Construction Requirements:

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During the Aerosealing process, pressure inside the duct system may approach 600Pa (2.4” w.c.). This may place additional requirements on the duct work construction:

  • All connections must be attached with mechanical fasteners (to prevent separation during the sealing process)
  • Any plenum widths greater than 18 inches must be reinforced with a 1”x 1” angle or bar lock (to prevent buckling)

Of course, there cannot be any major holes or gaps.  Aeroseal® will effectively seal leaks up to 5/8”.

Site Requirements:

To ensure you the lowest price possible, we have a few other requirements:

  • At least two separate 20A electrical outlets within fifty (50) feet of plenums in order to power our equipment
  • Clear access to all register openings, including all grilles removed (or not yet installed)
  • Duct work fully constructed, including return air drop and installed buffalo boot
  • Air handling unit not yet installed
  • Drive-up access for our 24-foot trailer
  • Windows and doors easily opened in order to ventilate and dissipate any overspray

We can often still do the job if one or more of these site requirements are not met; it just may cost a little more.

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In addition, if you can schedule us to seal the ducts in more than one home a day on adjacent or nearby sites, we can usually reduce our costs and pass those savings along to you.

Contact us today at 585-376-5058 to discuss how we can save you money and ensure you meet duct leakage code on your next building project in The Finger Lakes, NY Area.

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